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A beloved NorCal original brand that’s led the way with strain-specific 100% cannabis live resin vape carts and THC cartridges, ABX is rooted in the California cannabis movement.

We review and rate every cannabis product we get our hands on to help you find the best proucts online.We’re firmly committed to carrying only the best quality live resin and THC products available anywhere online. Looking to get high without turning any heads? These recently rated thc vapes and live resin products will help you fly high under the radar. So scroll through and stock up, your lungs (and lazy side) will thank you.

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Our goal is to provide our clients with a great tasting, clean and highly potent product that is both convenient and discreet. Our shop main mission and objective is to supply the best quality ABX carts, concentrates, pods and to facilitate customers to be able to order abx carts online and abx carts in bulk and also the best and to prevent the dangers or risk from buying low grade products. Enjoy  you deserve it!



ABX offers a variety of product strains to fit any lifestyle. High quality product that passes strict qualitative and quantitative tests. Wherever your journey takes you, roll with ABX.


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