NYC Chem Dawg Live Resin Vape Cartridge 1G


NYC Chemdawg is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a distinct, diesel-like aroma. This pungent powerhouse strain offers strong cerebral and full-body calming effects.


NYC Chem Dawg Live Resin Vape Cartridge 1G

Features Of Absolute Xtracts Live Resin Vape Cartridge

What is it that gives Absolute Xtract Cartridges such high marks and raving reviews? Why should you buy one of these Live resin  cartridges over any other brand? Some of the reasons are already apparent. Others show through in a deeper look at cartridge features.

  • 100% Cannabis Oil – All cartridges are full of 100% cannabis concentrate. ABX does not use coconut oil or any other filler in their cartridges.
  • 70% THC – Absolute Xtracts has their process down to a science. By testing and refining their technique, each strain of oil comes out to 70% THC.
  • Perfect Consistency – The oil burns perfectly because it is neither to thick nor thin of a consistency.
  • 18 Different Strains – With this kind of selection, customers have no problem finding a strain that suits their need.
  • Cannabis Terpene Infusion – Absolute Xtracts infuses their oil with terpenes from each strain, giving them the effect and taste you desire.

Specifications Of Absolute Xtracts Cartridges 

  • Metal Mouth Piece – A durable metal draw piece sits securely on top of the cartridge. It’s comfortable on your lips and easy to wipe and clean.
  • Absolute Xtracts Old Cartridge Design With A Fiber Wick And Plastic Mouth Piece.
  • Hard Quality Plastic Container – The plastic tube container is extremely tough. You’d probably have to hit it with a hammer to break it. Very few customers report any kind of leaking.
  • Metal Tube Wick – Unlike the old style Absolute Xtracts Cartridge, these models have metal pull wicks. You may still see an occasional old model that uses a fiber wick and plastic draw piece.
  • Compatible With Nearly All Pen Size Vaporizers – The threads on the cartridge that screw into your vape pen battery are universal. They fit most brands of pen vaporizers.


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