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 Strain-specific, whole-plant cannabis that is sourced directly from ABX farms in California. Grown in the finest regions that Cali has to offer, our crews work tirelessly to bring you the highest quality cannabis for every one of the ABX products. Sun, rain, fog or shine; it all adds up to be the perfect environment to work and grow the most primo crops.

We have a commitment to transparency, sustainability, and ensuring the highest quality medicine for our patients. We extract in a high-end facility and test in a certified laboratory through a third-party testing service.

We use only cannabis-derived terpenes. That means that the flavor of your vape cartridge came directly from the cannabis flower of which it was extracted.

For best results, we recommend only using our CCELL ABX battery. If you choose to use another battery, you must ensure it does not exceed 4 volts. Need a hand with your ABX battery? We’ve got you covered

We use non-volatile, CO2 extraction to achieve purity and maintain the natural terpenes of the cannabis strain.

We guarantee every ABX product. If you experience an issue with your ABX product, simply return it to the dispensary where it was purchased for a product exchange or. Product exchange policy varies by dispensary. Be sure to check their return policy before placing your purchase.

ABX products are legally available for sale and possible to be shipped across state lines.

Ethanol is used as a completely safe, non-toxic part of the extraction process to separate the cannabis oil from the additional fats and lipids found in the cannabis flower. Ethanol is 100% safe in the very tiny residual amounts present and is the second most common solvent used commercially, after water. Ethanol is the least toxic of all alcohols and is only dangerous if encountered in high amounts.