About Us

Who We Are

Let’s face it, Vapes can be quite complicated.

We’ve fielded our fair share of questions from friends and family looking for what products to buy, or asking how the weed works. So we set out to try every cannabis  products in the country in order to make sense of vape for them, and you.

Whether you’ve been on the hunt for years, or are new to the game, ABX is your go-to spot for geeking out on all things vapes.

A Few Words About

A product that’s Good For

The days of one-size-fits-all weed are over. In its place is the right high for every situation.

We’ve spent 59,280 hours to date testing the best vape cannabis products with one goal in mind, finding the right products for every occasion.

AbsoluteXtracts has been and is the leader in strain-specific, high-THC cannabis oils. Made with the best sungrown, whole-plant cannabis that California has to offer.

Worldwide Shipping

We pride ourselves with our overall reliability , safety and convenience when it comes to delivering packages to our clients. We have a 100% guarantee policy when it comes to our live resin products .

Best Quality

We will like to stress on the fact that our products are of the highest quality and have been lab tested. All Abx products have been deemed suitable and appropriate for customer consumption.

Best Offers

Get selection of products at the Guaranteed lowest prices.

Secure Payments

We ensure that all our payment methods are quite discrete and secured, for the security of all our clients